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Английский язык. Вариант 2

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Английский язык

Вариант 2

Контрольное задание №1



1. Tallinn exports a great variety of goods.


Exports – 3 лицоединственногочислаотглагола to export вPresent Indefinite

2. Last month my friend read a very interesting book on Tallinn's history.


В слове Tallinn – окончание притяжательного падежа имени существительного в единственном числе

3. The inhabitants of Tallinn are fond of their city.


Inhabitants – множественное число имени существительного aninhabitant


$11.The students of our group will go to the State History Museum tomorrow.

$12.This is the building of the Tallinn City Soviet.

$13.Teams of figure skaters and ice-hockey players undergo intensive training at the Sports Centre of Tallinn.



1.Kadriorg is one of the most favourite parks of the Tallinners.

2.The more I thought of that plan, the less I liked it.

3.Your translation is better than mine.



$11. Some 350 people attend a yachting school in Tallinn.

$12. Does he know any foreign language?

$13. Any exhibit of this museum is valuable.



  1. 1.          One of Tallinn's pharmacies functions for more than 550 years.

Functions – Present Indefinite Active стандартногоглагола to function

  1. 2.          The construction of the Tallinn Town Hall began in the first decades of the 14th century.

Began – Past Indefinite Active неправильногоглагола to begin

  1. 3.          In two years my brother will become an engineer.

Will become – Future Indefinite Active неправильногоглагола to become


  1. 1.             London is the capital of Great Britain. It lies in the South, East of England on both banks of the river Thames. London is one of the largest cities in the world and the largest port and industrial town in England. London is more than twenty centuries old.
  2. 2.             The heart of the capital is the City. The territory of the City is only about one square mile, but it is the financial and business centre of the country. It contains almost all important English banks and offices.
  3. 3.              The West End of London is famous for its beautiful monuments and palaces, fine parks, fashionable shops and big hotels. The East End is quite different from the West End. It is thedistrict of factories, plants and docks. The narrow streets and poor houses of the East End present a contrast to the homes of the rich people in the West End.

$18.              London is the centre of the country's cultural life. There are many picture galleries and museums there. The National .Gallery houses a priceless collection of paintings. The famous British Museum is one of the best museums in the world. In the library of the British Museum Karl Marx worked at his "Capital", V.I. Lenin worked there too. There he gathered the material for his work on "Materialism and Empiriocriticism".



What is Westminster Abbey famous for?

$13.            Westminster Abbey is famous for the memorials of many famous citizens of Britain.

Контрольное задание №2


I. а)

1. Today scientists are still looking for the substance as a source of energy.


Are looking – Present Continuous Active отстандартногоглагола to look


Has served – Present Perfect Active отстандартногоглагола to serve


1. Synthetic rubber products were developed between 1914 and the 1930s.


Were developed – Past Indefinite Passive отстандартногоглагола to develop

2. The intensity of this process is influenced by many factors.


Is influenced – Present Indefinite Passive отстандартногоглагола to influence


1. Molecular crystals are solids constructed of molecules held together by relatively weak forces.


Constructed – Participle II в функции определения

$12.             A body moving with a certain velocity carries within itself the kinetic energy of motion.

Moving – Participle I вфункцииопределения

$13.             While absorbing the energy of cosmic rays the upper atmosphere becomes radioactive.


AbsorbingParticipleI в функции обстоятельства

$13.             Unless properly treated the metal must not be applied for space technology.


TreatedParticipleII в функции обстоятельства


$11.    Energy can exist in many forms and each form can be transformed into the other.

$12.    The computers should become an integral part of the organization of industrial processes of all types.

$13.    These metal parts had to be subjected to X-ray examination.

$14.       The chemists may use the reactor to analyze various substances for their exact composition.



$11.    His researches into physiological optics began about 1850with the discovery of the ophthalmoscope3 (1851), followed by investigations into colour, including the problem of colour-blindness.4 He also made fundamental contribution to the understanding of the structure and mechanism of the human eye.

$12.    Helmholtz's first, and most celebrated paper in theoretical physics was his article on the conservation of force. In this paper he proved the conservation of total energy of a system of particles which were interacting through5 central forces depending only on the masses and separations of the particles. Other important work in theoretical physics included the famous paper on vortex motion6 (1858), and the application of the principle of least action to electrodynamical problems.



What can you say about the greatness of Helmholz’s discovery?

$13.            The greatness of Helmholz’s discovery lies in the fact that he proved the conservation of total energy of a system of particles which were interacting through central forces depending only on the masses and separations of the particles.

Контрольное задание №3



$11.              When much had been done in the study of ecology by our institute it became an important scientific centre.


Had been done – Past Perfect Passive неправильногоглагола to do

$12.         A curriculum of the new type of secondary school is offered by the Ministry of Education.


Is offered – Present Indefinite Passive стандартногоглагола to offer

$12.         The research of planets will be developed with the help of cosmic apparatus.


Will be developed – Future Indefinite Passive стандартногоглагола to develop

$14.         This material is unaffected by solar radiation.


Is unaffected – Present Indefinite Passive стандартногоглаголаto unaffect


$11.       1. It is necessary to find new sources of cheap energy.

$12.       2. It was Einstein who came to the conclusion that the electromagnetic field is influenced by the gravitational field.

$13.       3. This metro station was opened last year, and that one will be put into operation in two years.




$11.             Man had to learn to obtain electric power directly from the Sun.

$12.             At present most of the industrial enterprises have their own electric power stations.

$13.        Specialists do not use solar cells in industry as they are too expensive.

$14.             The engineers are to study the problem of using cosmic rays.



$11.             The methods we have just described are very effective.

$12.             The instruments our plant produces help to automate production processes.



$11.               The teacher told her students to learn the poem by heart.

$12.               Our country was the first country to send man into space.

$13.               To translate a sentence is to discover its meaning.

$14.               The working people all over the world are uniting to fight the threat of a new war.



$12.We know solar power is inexhaustible and its use does not harm the environment. That's why such importance is attached to the devices which make it possible to apply the idea of direct use of solar power, transforming it into mechanical forms of power. The development of an engine directly driven by a heat source such as solar power, makes it possible to simplify and make power generation considerably cheaper, in comparison to the existing thermal engines we use today.

$13.The rotor of the new engine is made of an alloy that loses its magnetic properties already at 100°C. If the rotor is heated on one side, the cold side of the rotor will turn toward the magnet. Since heating continues, the rotor goes on rotating, too. Thus solar power can be used as a source of heat in this case. The magneto-heat engine can drive pumps in waterless districts, it can also be widely used for watering greenery in cities and settlements.




$14.theyresist to heat.

Контрольное задание №4



1. A number of scientists believe the Tunguska explosion to be caused by a meteorite.

2. Samples of semiconductors with improved properties are reported to be obtained on a new installation.

3. Scientific discoveries to be practically applied in industry and agriculture are paid special attention too.



$11.            The atomic power plant in Czechoslovakia starting to produce electricity in 1978 began industrial using of atomic energy.

$12.            Light and food industries have been modernized, much being done to expand the production of consumer goods.

$13.            An experiment demonstrating the existence of ultraviolet and infrared spectrum must be performed.



$11.            If liquids expand upon freezing, an increase pressure lowers the freezing point.

$12.            If the metal had been heated slowly the first changes in its appearance would have occurred at a temperature of 1000°K.

$13.            It would be impossible to determine the properties of these materials without intensive studies in our research lsboratories.







5. And what about welding in outer space? The scientists understood that welding had to be done in condition of weightlessness, in nearly complete vacuum and within a broad range of temperatures from 150° C below to 130° C above zero. The equipment, of course, must be reliable and safe.

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